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50 Different World Paper Money.  **SOLD OUT**MPC Series 471 25 Cents, REPLACEMENT Note, Pick M10r.  *VERY RARE*.  *PRICE ON REQUEST*PHOENICIA: Tyre: Ar Sheqel, Year 31 (96/5 BCE)
PELOPONNESOS:  CORINTHIA: Corinth c.340 BCE Ar Stater; Ravel 997.  *PRICE ON REQUEST*AUGUSTUS (27BCE  14CE) Av Aureus of 2BCE-4CE (this coin is slabbed NGC Choice VF; SR-1578.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**ANCIENT ROME: Tiberius (14-37 CE) Silver Denarius (Tribute Penny). RSC-16b.  *PRICE ON REQUEST.*
SPAIN: Fernando & Isabel (1479-1504) Av Medio Ducado, Valencia Mint; CC-2714.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**SWEDISH POMERANIA: Christina of Sweden (1632-54CE)  Av 1641 Ducat, FR-2105.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**THALERS & HALF THALERS & MULTIPLE THALERS
BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL: August the Younger (1635-1666) 1666-HS 5 Thaler, 88th Birthday of August II; Dav LS83.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**BOLIVIA: Carlos II (1665-1700)  1686-VR Royal 8 Reales; CT-285. **PRICE ON REQUEST**CENTRAL AMERICAN REPUBLIC:  GUATEMALA 1826-NG M 8 Reales; KM-4.  **SOLD OUT**
BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Bronze Reliquary Cross from Asia Minor (Turkey/Bulgaria area, 9th-11th Century), 106mm
Ancient Egypt: 27th Dynasty to Ptolemaic Period (525-332 BCE) Medium Faience USHABTI
Regular price: $195.00
Sale price: $125.00
Ancient Egypt: Figurine of Harpocrates (Horus), c.300 BCE.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**

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