Ancient Judaeic coinage from the Palestine region. NOTE: Coins of dark color (copper, bronze, toned silver, etc.) do not scan well. It is recommended that you adjust the light/contrast settings of the scans to see details.

PHOENICIA: Tyre: Ar Sheqel, Year 31 (96/5 BCE).  **SOLD OUT**Jerusalem Mint Shekel of Tyre (30 Pieces of Silver).  **SOLD OUT**Jerusalem Mint Sheqel of Tyre ("30 Pieces of Silver").  **SOLD OUT**
Sheqel of Tyre (Biblical "30 pieces of silver" coin).  **SOLD OUT**Ancient Judaea: Widow's Mite, Star/Anchor type.  **SOLD OUT**
JUDAEA: John Hyrcanus I (135-104 BCE) Prutah, Issue of 132-130 BCE; Hendin 651
ANCIENT JUDAEA: Coponius, Procurator under Augustus (6-9 CE) Ae Prutah of 6CE; Hendin 635
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Ancient Judaea: Marcus Ambibulus (9-10 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 637/638
ANCIENT JUDAEA: Valerius Gratus (c.17 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 645.  **SOLD OUT**
ANCIENT JUDAEA: Pontius Pilatus (c.26-36 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 649
Ancient Judaea: Agrippa (37-44 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 553
ANCIENT JUDAEA: Antonius Felix, Procurator under Claudius (52-59 CE) Ae Prutah; Hendin 651
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ANCIENT JUDAEA: Antonius Felix (52-59 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 652
Ancient Judaea: Porcius Festus (59-62 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 653
Ancient Judaea: First Jewish Revolt (67/68 CE) Bronze Prutah, Hendin 661
ANCIENT ROME: Vespasian (69-79 CE) Ar Denarius Rome mint issue of 69/70 CE; RSC-226.  JUDAEA CAPTA.
JUDAEA: Cappadocia: Caesarea Ar Didrachm of Vespasian (69-79 CE); Sydenham 89
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JUDAEA: Caesarea Martima, Domitian (81-96 CE) Ae 23; JUDAEA CAPTA Issue, Hendin 188
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ANCIENT JUDAEA: Ascalon: Trajan (98-117 CE) Ae 24, BMC Pal.145
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JUDAEA: Cappadocia, Commodus (177-192 CE) Ar Didrachm of Caesarea; SGI-2039
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ANCIENT JUDAEA: Caesarea, Severus Alexander (222-235) Ae 23
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