Anastasius I (491 - 518)

Anastasius I (11 April 491 - 9 July 518). Flavius Anastasius Augustus was selected to succeed to the Empire by Empress Ariadne, widow of Roman Emperor Zeno. During his reign of 27 years, he made radical changes in the monetary system and improved the empire's finances to such an extent that future conquests and campaigns became possible. Although he made a formal profession of Orthodoxy upon his accession, he was in reality a Monophysite Heretic. This caused a number of revolts to occur, and he finally agreed to change his stance. Anastasius died in 518 without formally naming a successor. He had left it to God to choose one, and indicated that the person to first enter his room the next morning should be the next emperor. This was Justin, the commander of his guards.