Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE)

Augustus (16 January 27BCE - 19 August 14CE). Gaius Julius Caesar adopted Gaius Octavius Thurinus posthumously (through his last will & testament) in 44 BCE. From then, Augustus was officially named Gaius Julius Caesar. In 27BCE when the Senate awarded him the honorific Augustus, he became Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. He is considered to be the first Roman Emperor. Coinage struck before 27BCE are considered Roman Republican coinage.

AUGUSTUS (27BCE  14CE) Av Aureus of 2BCE-4CE (this coin is slabbed NGC Choice VF; SR-1578.  **PRICE ON REQUEST**ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ar Denarius (issue of 2BCE-14CE), RSC-43.  **SOLD OUT**ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ae Dupondius issue of 16BCE, SR-1662v
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ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ae As, SR-1684.  **SOLD OUT**AUGUSTUS (27BCE-14CE); Posthumous issue by Tiberius 15-16 CE, Ae As; SR-1788
ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Brass Sestertius issued by Tiberius 36/37CE; SR-1784.  **SOLD OUT**
ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ar Denarius of Colonia Patricia, issue of c.19BCE; SR-1626v.  **SOLD OUT**ANCIENT ROME: Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ae Semis of Hispania: Colonia Patricia (15-14 BCE), RPC 131
PHOENICIA: Berytus, Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE) Ae 22 of 6-4 BCE
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AUGUSTUS (27BCE-14CE) Ae Semis of Syria: Antioch 5/4 BCE, RPC I 4251.  **SOLD OUT**AUGUSTUS (27BCE-14CE) Ae 26 of Syria: Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch mint, 5/4 BCE, RPC I 4247.  **SOLD OUT**SYRIA: Seleukis & Pieria, Augustus (27BCE-14CE) Ae 21 of Antioch, RIC-529
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GAUL: Nemausus, Augustus & Agrippa Brass Dupondius issue of after 29/28 BCE; SR-1728
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HISPANIA: Carteia: Reign of Augustus Ae Quadrans after 44 BCE, San Roque, RPC 1,116
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MACEDON: Thessalonica, Augustus & Tiberius (4-14CE) Ae 17, SGI-176
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KINGDOM OF THRACE: Rhoemetalkes I (11BCE-12CE) appointed king by Augustus, Brass Dupondius, SGI-5396
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