Nova continues to conduct business ONLINE, through MAIL and Numismatic SHOWS. Orders are processed and shipped usually within one business day of order receipt. We continue our buying also through MAIL and SHOWS. Please email us at for details and instructions.

We are especially interested in buying collections and accumulations involving:

Paper money (U.S. and World, rarities and bulk)

Ancient coinage (Greek, Roman Republic, Roman)

Medieval coinage (Byzantine and Western)

Early modern coinage (before 1800 CE)

Better modern world coinage (1800-1950)

American coinage (Colonials, pre-1855 federal issues, patterns, territorials)

We will also buy other numismatic material if of sufficient quantity or worthwhile nature. We will not buy bullion, NCLT's or foreign exchange unless part of a numismatic grouping. We avoid slabs whenever possible. Inquire at