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Ancient Medieval Modern Coins & How To Know Them, G B Rawlings
Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of US and Canadian Transportation Tokens, 6th Edition
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Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of US and Canadian Transportation Tokens, 6th Edition, Case of 14 books.
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Byzantine Coins and their Values, 2d Ed; David R. Sear.  **SOLD OUT**Civil War Token Society Journal III , Volumes 11-16
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Civil War Token Society Journal IV , Volumes 16-20. Hardcover, 1997
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Coinage and History of the Roman Empire (Vol. 1 & 2), David L. Vagi
The Coinage of Samaria in the Fourth Century BCE; Ya'akov Meshorer & Shraga Qedar
The Coinage of Metapontum Part 3 (Numismatic Notes and Monographs (ANSNNM)) (Pt. 3), Ann Johnston.  **SOLD OUT**Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of the coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man; Richard Lobel
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Coins of the Crusader States, 2d Ed; Malloy, Preston, Seltman; Allen G. Berman 2004.  **SOLD OUT**
Comprehensive Guide to American Colonial Coinage, Sanford J. Durst, 1976, First Edition
 The Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies: A Modern Survey of Early English and Irish Counterfeit Coppers Circulating in the Americas, William T. Anton and Bruce P. Kesse (Jul 1992)
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Greek Coins, Ian Carradice, 1995, British Museum Press
Greek Coins and their Values, 1959 First Edition, H. A. Seaby & J. Kozolubski
Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values, Sear, 1982
Guide to Colorado Merchant Trade Tokens, spiral bound
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Journal of the Civil War Token Society, Volumes 7-10
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Monumental Coins: Buildings & Structures on Ancient Coinage; Marvin Tameanko.  **SOLD OUT**
Papal Coins; Allen G. Berman.  **SOLD OUT**Patriotic Civil War Tokens, 2005 5th Revised Edition, Fuld
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Roman Imperial Coinage: 31 Bc-Ad 69 (Spink/Seaby), Carol Humphrey Vivian Sutherland; Numismatic Fine Arts Intl; Rev Sub edition (January 1984).  **SOLD OUT**
Roman Silver Coins, Volume II, Tiberius to Commodus, 3rd Edition; Seaby 1979
Roman Silver Coins, Volume V, Carausius to Romulus Augustus; Seaby 1987
Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1601-1700 (1st ed), Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R. Bruce.  **SOLD OUT**
Standard Catalog of World Coins Spain, Portugal and the New World, Krause 2002.  **SOLD OUT**TestiMoney (Israel Museum), Ya'akov Meshorer
Tokens of the Gay Nineties, 1890-1900; Russell Rulau
Unusual World Coins, 3rd Edition.  **SOLD OUT**U.S. State-Issued Sales Tax Tokens, 2nd Revised Edition
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Warman's Coins & Currency (2nd ed), Allen G. Berman, Alex G Malloy.  **SOLD OUT**