Shipping & Handling (Information Updated as of July 2022) - All shipments are AT YOUR RISK. Changes especially in the INTERNATIONAL shipments. Please read this notice for options.

Shipping & Handling Policies: We are unable to quote shipping and handling costs prior to the submission of your complete order. This site will offer you available delivery options at that time.

We apologize for the significant increases in shipping and handling charges and the frequent policy changes by USPS. Unfortunately, the new USPS policies and rates have forced us to pass along these fees to our customers. Any deviation from these rules will be at your risk.

All orders will be sent AT YOUR RISK. In other words, our responsibility ends once the packet is placed with the US Postal Service.

There are currently delays to many international destinations due to COVID as well as several countries to which mail will not be delivered. Please check your postal offices for the latest updates.

We offer several options in order to partially circumvent this problem. Various postal rules may affect the actual availability of the methods chosen. The following shipping options are currently available (if insurance is desired, we will bill you for the insurance fees dependent on the amount desired; additionally if you choose a shipping method not available per USPS regulations, we will so advise):

DOMESTIC First Class Package - carries a tracking number, but no insurance

First Class Package with Insurance - as above, but with insurance

Priority Mail and Priority Mail with Insurance

Express Mail and Express Mail with Insurance

Registered Mail

Media Mail For educational material only such as books, CD's, and other media. No other type of item may be included in the package.

Insurance: If you desire insurance for your shipment, we will bill you for the insurance fee via PayPal.

INTERNATIONAL We are now using a shipping service with a separate international sorting facility than the USPS. Please ensure that you include your telephone number with your payment and shipment information as it is required for customs clearance.

International First Class Package (now called Global Post) - carries a tracking number, but no insurance. Electronic tracking is only available to E-USPS DELCON INTL destination countries ( Maximum value of shipment is $400. Customs form will indicate a value not exceeding this amount. NOTICE: Tracking is unreliable or not available to most destinations. The full USPS tracking and insurance are only available for higher class (more expensive) options.

International Priority and Priority with Insurance

International Priority Express and Priority Express with Insurance

Global Express

Insurance: If you desire insurance for your shipment, we will bill you for the insurance fee via PayPal.

Registered Mail - No Longer Available for mail containing merchandise.

Customs duties, VAT and other assessments are the responsibility of the recipient. If there are specific instructions for the shipping and customs forms, please so advise.

Overseas orders are sometimes delayed, lost or returned for a variety of reasons. Fees for additional services are extremely expensive and must be manually calculated.

Customized shipping and handling is available. We will be happy to research and quote on other shipping methods, insurance, and customs requirements.